What is Archive?

Archive is a multidisciplinary agency focusing on uplifting the Auckland art scene. Formed by three artists that bring individual skills to the table, Archive is a platform where artists can be facilitated with the elements they need to grow. Whether that be pop-up events, event management, marketing, advertising or creative work, Archive pivots artists in the direction they need to elevate their craft.

Start Some New Sh*t

Why Archive?

Aotearoa is a hotbed of incredible, undiscovered talent. It can be difficult to know where to start as an artist, but with some guidance & facilities, anything can be achieved. Archive is here to keep artists doing the things they love while minimising admin duties that withdraw from the creative process. Whether it’s for personal or commercial projects, our events create a social space for people to connect and empower one another.

Our Goals

Archive’s primary goal above all else is to provide creatives with a stepping stone that transfers the ideas from their head to the real world. Joint creativity allows for a unique form of expression – collaboration is key, and the team at Archive are keen to get amongst it!

We at Archive push the boundaries of collaboration and prove that more minds mean more possibility and potential. Why build limits? We don’t believe in walls, only steps to greater success for all those who trust the process.