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The team at Archive Media are diverse, skilled and ready to take your content to the next level. None of that boring stuff, only trendy sh*t round here! Let’s start!

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Got a million-dollar idea? Relationships are key to sourcing the right resources to make the best possible outcome. Let’s build together, and make some awesome sh*t in the process. Artists, musicians, brands, creatives, events, let’s make it happen!

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Our PastEvents

Our Past Events

Paint & Wine

18 July 2019: Paint & Wine exhibition is Archive's second exhibition. The night's goal was to get together with friends and any strangers that came by to…

Archive Vol. 1

14 Sept 2019: Archive Vol.1 was our first ever exhibition. The event called archive later became our brand name and stuck like a fly in a Venus fly trap.

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Our PastWorks

Our Past Works